Rick Hafele   “author / lecturer / bug man”

Rick will be sharing his expertise at a

free 6-hour workshop on Saturday, April 21, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Douglas County Fire District #2 

377 Eastmont Avenue, East Wenatchee

Ricks focus will be on fishing lakes and streams. There will be a 30-minute lunch break between sessions, so you will probably want to bring something to eat or make a quick trip to a spot near the fire station. (There are several options.)

Seating is limited, so you will want to reserve your spot ASAP.

  • Sign-Up sheet at the March 15th meeting for WVFF members only.
  • Reservations for WVFF members will be open through March 24th.
  • Reservations for guests of WVFF members will be open from March 24 and 31st.
  • April 1st the club will place Public Service Announcements offering the general public an opportunity to hear this great speaker for free, so first come first serve!

To reserve your seat email or call:

JoAnne Lane           jhlane4865@aol.com         509.884.1888

Bruce Merighi          bruce401@nwi.net            509.679.2274





We meet every 3rd Thursday of the month,

except JUNE – AUGUST at the

Eagles Lodge 

1208 Wenatchee Ave. Wenatchee WA

5:45  Wet Fly Hour

Grab A Bite -Talk – Meet and Greet

A Short Business Meeting then a

Presentation at 7:30

Our sport is a challenging and enjoyable way to fool fish, and if skill and luck coincide, we play and handle our quarry properly and release them to live in a place we love. 

A person may learn to tye and cast a fly in a few short lessons, and then through study and observation secure an introduction to the world that exists above, in and below the waters surface, but . . . " To achieve mastery is to rise above the need to catch fish."  Howell Raines

What We Do ?  

  • We get together to meet with other flyfishers or those new to the sport and share fishing stories and the company of like minded people that enjoy waving sticks at fish.
  • At each meeting we have the pleasure of listening to and questioning our Special Presenter.  Bring paper and pen, you'll walk out with some good tips and ideas.
  • The WVFF participates in a variety of fly fishing and tying outreach programs that introducesadults and children how to camouflage their first hook. 
  • We have a booth at the Leavenworth Salmonfest and display fly tying techniques, display live entomological samples from the Icicle Creek and talk to visitors about conservation and habitat concerns. 
  • Two of our members also teach a Continuing Ed class at Wenatchee Valley College each spring.
  • We organize Outings that gives our members another reason to inflate their pontoons or launch the John Boats on a different stretch of water.  These events range from large pot lucks to small groups getting together to collectively try to fool the fish. 
  • Our Photo Album occasionally demonstrates their level of success (or not) and displays the beauty of the region we fish with a fly.

You are most welcome to attend one of our meetings without obligation.  Come and meet the other locals that think catching a fish with a minute barbless hook, wrapped in fur and feathers, is fun. 



Rooted in the Wenatchee Valley, we are a small 501 c (3)  corporation, organized for charitable and educational purposes.   We focus on fish Conservation and Watershed Management that will improve the ecosystem of and adjacent to the local fisheries.

  1.  Provide opportunities for our membership to increase their capabilities regarding fly fishing.
  2.  Encourage the education of the public to the value of fish and conservation of their habitat.
  3.  Supporting efforts that the club and its membership believe will protect and/or enhance sport fishing in general and fly fishing in particular.
  4.  Protecting, conserving, enhancing and propagating fish through the voluntary practice of catch and release and other measures.
  5.  The premise that fellowship and camaraderie among fly fishers should be enjoyed.
  6.  Promote good sportsmanship as the creed of all fly fishers.

Member Rene Paul summed up our mission with the following song called,

"We're Going to Lake Chupaka"


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